Exchange Program

Kathmandu Medical College has been having Academic Exchange Programme/Collaboration with the following institutions:

1.    Linkoping University, Sweden

Report on exchange programme between Kathmandu Medical College (KMC), Nepal and Linkoping University (LiU), Sweden 2066/2067

The exchange programme between Kathmandu Medical College (KMC) and Linkoping University (LiU) that started in November 2006 has completed its five years period and is considered as a successful exchange programme in Linkoping University. It has received Linnaeus-Palme Grants from Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) for last three years. The basic idea behind the exchange programme is to strengthen long-term bilateral cooperation between two medical institutions in medical education, research and clinical expertise through teachers/students exchange, enrolment of the faculties in doctoral (PhD) and post doctoral research programmes. Associate Professor Dr. Katarina Swahnberg is the Coordinator and Supervisor for the programme at Linkoping University and Associate Professor Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi is the Coordinator and Supervisor at Kathmandu Medical College. The period of exchange for the teachers is a minimum of three weeks and twelve weeks for the students.

Swedish students Ms. Amanda Möller, Ms. Sofie Öfverstedt, Ms. Jessika Pahlm, and Mr. Johan Svensson have visited Kathmandu Medical College during the period 2066/67. Johan Svensson and Jessika Pahlm have conducted a research on Physical Activity and Dietary Habits among School Children of Kathmandu, Nepal - Comparative Analysis. Similarly, Amanda Möller and Sofie Öfversted have done qualitative research on Abortion practices – Health care staff’s experiences and attitudes at comprehensive abortion care clinics in Kathmandu.

Nepalese PG students are being sent to  Linkoping University on exchange basis. They are studying the courses like International Perspectives on Rehabilitation (7.5 ECTS), Disaster Medicine and Traumatology (7.5 ECTS), Approaches to qualitative research (7.5 ECTS), Primary Health Care, and Radiology. They are also attending PBL classes for the medical students and Inter-professional teaching for students from all faculties.

Prof. Sivert Lindstrom (Physiology) and Prof. Inger Rosdahl (Dermatology) have visited KMC as a part of teachers exchange programme during 2066/67, and have decided to stay in KMC for longer period as full time faculty members. They have already been working in those departments for one semester. They intend in upgrading the departmental facilities for better teaching of medical students and the young faculties. Prof. Inger Rosdahl has started the process of research project on keloid and hypertrophic scar, mainly on the psychological effects of scars on the patients and treatment of those scars. Similarly, she is initiating a collaborative research on exploring the burden of dermatological condition on the rural population of Nepal with the dermatologists from TUTH. Prof. Sivert has started and involved the Nepalese faculty members in a project on lung function test of the normal Nepalese population.

Dr. Katarina Swahnberg and Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi have been granted a prestigious Swedish Research Council Planning Grant for the project entitled "Hidden Issue: Women and Girls Trafficking in Nepal", and for the same project Prof. Barbro Wijma and Dr. Katarina Swahnberg have visited KMC in the month of March / April 2011. They have organised a National level workshop to discuss the issues related with trafficking with various stakeholders.
In order to strengthen the research collaboration between two institutions, Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi has attended post doctoral fellowship at the European Centre for Gender Excellence (GEXcel), Department of Gender Studies, Linkoping University from October to December 2010. He has discussed with the Swedish Gender scientists on possible collaborative projects between LiU and KMC.

We are working on the possibilities of more long term volunteering posting of Swedish professors at various basic sciences and clinical sciences departments and to promote doctoral level academic activities among our faculties. Initiatives are underway to enrol the Nepalese faculties into the doctoral programs at LiU and organize various PhD courses at KMC with support of the faculties from Sweden.

2. Nordic School of Public Health, Sweden.

Collaboration with Nordic School of Public Health (NHV) for research development in Nepal
The collaboration officially began with signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in September 2009 between Kathmandu Medical College and Nordic School of Public Health (NHV) to collaborate in the field of public health and biomedical sciences. Nepal Medical College (NMC) is the third partner in this tripartite collaboration.

The main aim of the partnership is to create, plan and run joint collaborative research and training (for PhD and MPH) in public health and related sciences. So far, Dr. Abhinav Vaidya (2009) and Mr. Umesh Raj Aryal (2010) from KMC have enrolled themselves as PhD students at NHV. Their research works are underway and they also attended two important PhD courses at NHV, Gothenburg, Sweden in November-December 2010.
The other important objective is to establish a Health demographic Surveillance Study Site (HDSS) at Duwakot and Jhaukhel villages in Bhaktapur district. HDSS are meant for long term regular gathering of high quality data using well trained surveyors and with continuous monitoring of the data quality.

Work on the HDSS began in August 2010 with training for supervisors and field enumerators on household listing and social mapping. The training was held on 27-30 August 2010 in KMC Basic Sciences building in Duwakot. The enumerators completed household listing of the two villages around mid-September. The Household listing form also sought information on smoking habit among adolescents and on presence of non-communicable diseases in population aged 30 years or more. This information was specifically related to the research-works of PhD students Umesh and Abhinav respectively.

Training on baseline data collection for field enumerators and supervisors was then held in September 23-27, 2010. Baseline data collection was completed by December 2010. Data entry process which had begun in November 2010 continued till March 2010. The baseline result is expected.

Towards the end of April 2011, a team comprising of Prof. Bo Eriksson and Associate Professors Alexandra Krettek and Max Petzold visited Kathmandu. They shall also meet candidates who are interested in doing Masters or PhD at NHV..