Application for M.Ch program  
Vacancy Announcement   
10th AGM  
Orientation Program for MBBS and BDS  
Tender for CT Scan and MRI  
Result of KMC 2019  
Auction for scraped Goods  
Tender Notice for 2076  
Vacancy for Staff Nurse 5th Level  
2nd list of B.Sc Nursing Program  
Result of B.Sc Nursing Program  
Admission of B.Sc Nursing 2019  
Urgent Wanted  
Urgent Wanted   
List of selected Sister  
selection of Lecturer   
Auction Notice 2076/2077  
Tender for 2076/2077  
Tender for Portable X-ray Machine  
Vacancy for different Post  
Vacancy for Data Manager in NIRC  
Result of BDS Program 2018  
Written exam for staff Nurse  
Result of BDS Program 2018  
Tender for Bipolar and others  
Result of B.Sc. Nursing Program  
Admission form for BSC Nursing 2018  
Tender for 2075/2076  
Tender for Hospital Equipments 2074  
Medical Officer Urgently Wanted  
Admission of BDS 2017 Second Notice  
Tender for Laparoscopic Set  
Admission of BDS 2017  
Admission for MBBS / BDS  
Notice for all the merit student   
Third List of B. Sc. Nursing 2017  
Second list of B. Sc. Nursing 2017  
Result of B. Sc. Nursing 2017  
Admission of B.Sc Nursing 2017  
Tender for 2074/2075 Second  
Tender for 2074/2075  
Tender for Laproscopic Camera  
Result of Staff Nurse 2073  
Urgent Wanted for Medical Officer  
Vacancy for chief Financial Officer  
Selection Exam for Staff Nurse  
Lecturer for Bsc Nursing Department  
For the selection of Staff Nurse  
Retender for Clinical Library Books  
Urgently Wanted   
Notice of Seventh AGM  
Tender for Fiscal Year 2073/074  
Tender form Dental Air Compressor  
Tender for Rigid Endoscopy   
Tender for Deep Boring  
Written Exam for Staff Nurse  
Notice for Staff Nurse 2072 Marg  
Orientation Programe for BDS  
Result of B. Sc. Nursing 2072  
Result of MBBS 2072  
Result of BDS 2072  
Result of B. Sc. Nursing 2072  
Suchi Darta 2072/073  
Celebreation of World Liver Day  
Vacancy for Medical Officer  
One Seat Vacant in B.Sc. Nursing  
Eighth Merit List of MBBS  
Seventh Merit List of MBBS  
Sixth Merit List MBBS  
Fifth Merit List MBBS  
Fourth list B.Sc Nursing and BDS  
fourth list of MBBS  
New notice for selected candidates  
Selection of Staff Nurse 2014  
Notice for III & Final MBBS Students  
Invitation for Orientation programme  
Vacancy Announcement New  
Vacancy Announcement New  
Dental Officer  
Written Exam for Staff Nurse  
Admission open for BDS 2012  
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16th Batch MBBS Admission 2012 close  
MBBS 2011 Form   
BSC Nursing Result  
MBBS Admission August 2011  
Applications for entrance exam  
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