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ABOUT Dr. Pawana Kayastha

Namaskar, I am Dr. Pawan Kayastha born on 4th March 1985. My journey in field of medicine started as I completed MBBS from Kathmandu Medical College in year 2007. Curing diseases of innocent children and bringing smile and happiness in their small faces always inspired me to do more for children during my internship and work as medical officer in hospital. This inspiration made me focused and hardship earned me Masters degree in Pediatrics in year 2013 from a deemed medical institute of Kathmandu university. I was awarded Gold Medal for MD pediatric topper of Nepal 2013 by Nepal Pediatric Society(NEPAS) in the same year. With these achievements my determination to work for kids was accomplished as I joined Kathmandu Medical College as lecturer in may 2015, Now I am promoted to assistant professor. Since then, i am devoted to work in pediatric ward, PICU and NICU of Kathmandu medical college teaching. I am also taking responsibility of academic coordinator and involved in teaching-learning activities for graduate and postgraduates' students of this hospital. There were hundreds of children with different common and rare diseases, curable and incurable too during my practice but I am always concerned about children with malnutrition. I believe Poor nutrition in children is like giving invitation to unwanted diseases and halt growth and neurocognitive development in every child. Nutrition of a child is important in both health and disease; nutritional support alters the outcome of all diseases process, on the other hand gives us healthy adult in future. In an underdeveloped country like Nepal who is fighting to rise above Covid pandemic definitely gets high risk of multiplying exponentially the chance of rising childhood malnutrition. Understanding this intense scenario and my devotion to child health and nutrition value I have started Pediatric Nutrition clinic in Pediatric OPD, Monday and Wednesdays, in Kathmandu medical college since the year 2020 as we were coping with pandemic at the same time. My efforts to start Nutrition clinic is the first step in nutrition support to our children in Nepal, here I am helping identifying children with malnutrition and at risk for malnutrition that can benefit from nutrition therapy. I am trained in Pediatric nutrition as I have certification from The Indian Association for Parental and Enteral Nutrition(IAPEN) in Pediatric nutrition. IAPEN is the additional link to the already existing chain consisting of American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition(ASPEN), European (ESPEN, BAPEN), Australian (AusPEN), Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia(PENSA) and South African (SASPEN) societies. Along with that earlier I completed post graduate program in pediatric nutrition in association with Boston University. All my researches are based on pediatric nutrition so Nepal Pediatric association have awarded me young researcher grant award in year 2019 for my research in Vitamin D deficiency and awareness in children. My brain and heart are into curing and preventing malnutrition in children thereby securing good healthy life ahead of these children. That is the best gift I can give to a child and earn satisfaction of being a pediatrician.

Thank you.

Dr. Pawana Kayastha
Associate Professor
NMC Number

MBBS degree from

Kathmandu Medical College in year 2007

Masters degree in Pediatrics from
deemed medical institute of Kathmandu university


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Ongoing researches :

4. Prevalence of Vitamin Deficiency and its Awareness and knowledge among parents.

5. nutritional and immunization status of children visiting hospital during covid pandemic in kathmandu.

6.Impact of training program to nurses regarding complementary feeding in infant and young children: an educational interventional study.
As coauthor

7. Sharma P, Sarmah B, Kayastha P, Shrestha A and Tiwari D(2016). Clinical Profile of Children with Acute Febrile Encephalopathy in a Tertiary Health Care Center of Nepal. Journal of Nepal Pediatric Society, 35(3, 22)

8. Mathema S, Kayastha P and Sharma PR(2021). The impact of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome(SIRS) and sepsis training on pediatric nurses. Journal of Nepal Medical College, 18(2), 68-71.