Vacancy for post Chief of Hospital Service

Publish Date: 2014-12-28 10:00:00             Last Date: 2015-01-28 10:00:00

Vacant Post: Chief of Hospital Service (Hospital Service)

The Hospital Director (HD) will achieve the targeted goal by identifying specific factors that impact on quality of health care of the patients and overall administration of the hospital. The HD will put forth the strategies for program enhancement, policy changes and capacity building as well as skill improvement of the staff. All these objectives will be targeted to improve health care services to the patients thereby leading the organization even further,

 Application Deadline: .22nd Poush 2071.                 
Tenure: 3 years contract   and Renewable on performance.       
Jobs Type: Full Time
Major Responsibilities:
  • The HD will be overall in-charge of all medical and non-medical personnel of the hospital services department.
  • He is responsible to manage hospital services coordinating all the departments in respect of personnel, equipment, facilities, services and budget.
  • It will be the responsibility of the HD to convince and ensure CEO on the need of equipment with justification that proper qualified manpower exist, appropriate  space available to install the equipment and a detail cost/benefit analysis before making any procurement proposal.
  • The HD will be responsible in supervising and overseeing through and with CEO, the quality of clinical care provided by physicians to all patients in the hospital.
  • The HD will be responsible for fulfilling the mission and objectives of strategic Plans of KMC. He can propose CEO to revise such plans and programs if found financially unavailable.
  • The HD will verify and update the position of the equipment and instruments possessed by all the departments. He either through CEO or in close collaboration and coordination with Bio. Med should arrange a proper system and schedule of annual maintenance and also emergency maintenance of the equipment under his jurisdiction.
  • HD will deal with issues relating to overhead costs,hospital charges,fixed asset replacement, capital availability and also joint venture for the benefit of the company.
  • HD will develop and recommend the financial system and logistics to achieve positive outcomes, better quality of care optimal performance of all the employees.
  • HD will implement mechanisms to deliver patient care by following the practice guidelines and existing national and international standards.
  • HD will monitor patient’s care and the professional performance of physicians and affiliate staff with clinical privileges in the company and present written report to the CEO when appropriate or required.
  • In matters of leave for the faculty there shall be coordination with the Principal and CEO of the KMC.
  • It is a full time job and HD also have to attend hospital in odd and needful hours

Preferred Skills and Experience

At least Post Graduate Degree in Clinical Sciences.

A minimum of 3 years of progressively responsible experience Preferable.
Please submit a covering letter with application form provided by KMCTH, along with concerned Council Registration certificate, all academic qualification certificates and citizenship certificate.
Human Resources Department
Kathmandu Medical College
Sinamnagal, Kathmandu, Nepal