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ABOUT Dr. Abhinav Vaidya

Dr. Abhinav Vaidya is Professor of Community Medicine. He holds bachelor’s degree in medicine from Bangladesh (2000), MD in Community Medicine from BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Nepal (2006), and PhD in Medical Sciences from Gothenburg University, Sweden (2014). 


Besides academics, he has been involved in NCD-related research, policy-development, projects, advocacy, and health promotion. He is the Principal Investigator of NIH-Funded bRISK Project that aim to build research capacity for prevention and control of NCD risk factors in Nepal. He is a Lown Scholar in cardiovascular Health at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. He functions as the Member Secretary of Nepal NCD Alliance, and as Governing Board Member of SEAR NCD Alliance.


He has led teams that worked on development of Basic Health Service Package and Emergency Healthcare Package for the Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal. He is Secretary of Association of Health Profession Educationists of Nepal, and General Secretary of Nepal Public Health Foundation. He is currently Senior Vice-president of Nepalese Society of Community Medicine.

Dr. Abhinav Vaidya
NMC Number

bachelor’s degree in medicine from

Bangladesh (2000)

MD in Community Medicine from

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Nepal (2006)

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