Faculty members
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Prof. Dr. Sailesh Pradhan
HOD, Department of Pathology
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Dr. Suspana Hirachand
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Dr. Ramesh Dhakhwa
Associate Professor
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Dr. Rupendra Thapa
Associate Professor
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Dr. Sanat Chalise
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Pranita Gurung
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Mamta Lakhey
About Pathology

WELCOME to the Department of Pathology at the Kathmandu Medical College.

I hope that this site will inform you about our department and our facilities as well as convey our pride in our department and profession of pathology.  The Pathology is the one of the foundation of medical practices and is committed to provide a learning experience for undergraduate, postgraduate and other allied health sciences students. We continue to believe in the time-honored concept of the pathologist as the “doctor’s doctor” and a major advocate for excellent patient care.

Our Department mission emphasizes our commitment to:

  1. Outstanding teaching programs
  2. Excellent diagnostic services

(3)           Personal growth of our faculties and staffs. 

We deliver services through following units:

  1. HistoPathology
  2. Cytopathology
  3. Hematopathology
  4. Clinical Pathology
  5. Clinical Biochemistry
  6. Medical Microbiology & Immunology
  7. Blood Bank
  8. Emergency Laboratory
  9. Molecular Pathology

These diverse missions are linked by our definition of the pathologist as a clinician, teacher, researcher and scholar. We achieve our missions through a team effort of faculty, residents, fellows and staff.  Currently, the Department has 6 full time faculty doctors (Pathologists) and 36 full time staffs. 

Laboratory services:

Tests available during routine working hours.

Histopathology:               Routine histopathology, Histochemistry- Massion Trichrome, Fite Stain, Van Geison, MPO, PAS, Alcian Blue, Giemsa, Iron Stain, Reticulin Stain, AFB Stain, Museum mounting, Immunohistochemistry

Cytology :                   Pap smear , Giemsa stain, body fluids and aspirates for malignant cells, sputum for malignant cells, FNAC, Gynaecology PAP Stain, Museum mounting, Liquid Base Cytology

Blood :                        TC, DC, Hb, ESR, PCV, Platelets, BT, CT, Prothrombin Time, APTT, PT INR, Electrophoresis, Factors assay, Reticulocyte count, LE Cell, Peripheral Smear, Malarial Parasite, Microfilaria, MCV, MCH, MCHC, Glycosylated Hb, RDW, PCT, MPV, PDW, Sickling Test, D-dimer,  MPO Stain, PAS stain, Prussian Blue, Coombs Test, Optimal Test, G6PD, Iron profile, Dengue Test.

Blood Bank:               Blood ABO Group and Rh, Coomb’s test, Cross matching

Biochemistry:             Glucose (F, R, PP), GCT, Urea, Uric Acid, Creatinine, Billirubin, SGPT, SGOT, Cholesterol,  Alkaline Phosphatase, Calcium, Phosphorus, HDL- Cholesterol, Amylase, Albumin, Total Protein, Electrolytes, Triglyceride, LDH, LFT, Lipid profile, CPK-MB, CPK-NAC, Microalbumin, Gamma GT,  ADA, Troponin-I, HbA1C, G6PD, MBC,  Spot P/C ratio, PG ratio, 24hour urinary protein , Creatinine Clearance, D-Dimer, C3, C4, CRP quantitative, ASO quantitative, IgM quantitative, IgG quantitative, IgA quantitative, RA quantitative, 


Culture:                      Urine, Blood, Pus, Fungus, CSF, Stool, Sputum, Swab, Throat Swab, Body Fluids, Semen, Tissue, tips, BACTEC system

Serology:                    VDRL, ASO, HIV I& II, HBsAg, Widal Test, RA Test, C Reactive Protein, HCV, ANA, HCG, Anti-HEV, Anti-HAV, Dengue Test,

Miscellaneous :          Semen Analysis, Urethral Discharge, Prostatic Massage Smear, Grams stain, Skin Smear AFB, Skin Scarping, Fungus KOH Prep, Sputum, AFB, CSF Examination, Ascitic fluids, Pleural fluid, Synovial fluids,  Grain Stain.

Special Tests:             Free TFT, PSA, B-HCG, Prolactin, FSH, LH, Iron Profile (Iron, TIBC, Ferritin), CA-125, CA-19.9, CA-15.3,CEA, AFP, ANTI-TPO, PTH (Parathyroid hormone), Progesterone, Testosterone, GH (Growth Hormone), Vit. B12, 25 OH Vitamin D,  Alfa Fetoprotein,  Progesterone , Parathyroid Hormone,  Testosterone

Urine :                        Routine and Microscopic, Albumin , Glucose, Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, Ketone, Pregnancy Test, Creatinine Clearance, 24Hours Urine for : Creatinine, Calcium,  Albumin, Bence Jone’s Protein, Nitrite test, Specific gravity.

Stool:                          Routine, Concentration Method for Protozoa, Helminths, Occult Blood, Hanging , Reducing Sugar, Ph.

Tests available in Emergency Lab.

  1. Haematology: TC, DC, Hb, PT, APTT, Platelet counts( In case of emergency operations BT, CT)
  2. Biochemistry: Blood sugar, Urea, Creatinine, Amylase, Cardiac enzymes, Electrolytes( Na k)  , Calcium, UA, LFT, Protein, Albumin, Gama GT, Lipoid Profile, lipase.
  3. Urine : Sugar, Acetone , Protein, Pregnancy test ,R/E
  4. CSF/ Body Fluid : TC, DC, Sugar, Protein
  5. Stool : Occult blood, Stool Routine
  6. Culture : Blood , Urine. CSF and other body fluids
  7. Blood Bank: Blood grouping and typing, cross matching, Storage of blood, Coomb’s test
  8. Serology : HIV, HbsAg, HCV, VDRL, RA, CRP, Widal Test.


New investigation

PCR for COVID 19

Ready to start

  1. HIV – CLIA
  2. HBSAg– CLIA
  3. HCV – CLIA
  4. HEV – CLIA
  5. HAV– CLIA
  6. Cortosol– CLIA
  7. Covid 19 IgM– CLIA
  8. Covid 19 IgG– CLIA
  9. TORCH Profile– CLIA
    1. Toxoplasma IgM
    2. Toxoplasma IgG
    3. Rubella – IgM
    4. Rubella – IgG
    5. Cytomegalovirus – IgM
    6. Cytomegalovirus – IgG
    7. HSV - ½ IgG
    8. HSV ½ IgM
    9. HSV – 2 IgG
    10. HSV – 2 IgM
    11. HSV – 1IgG
    12. HSV – 1IgM
  10. Procalcitonin– CLIA
  11. Folate  (Folic acid)
  12. ENA screening– CLIA
  13. Anti- cardiolipin IgG– CLIA
  14. Anti – cardiolipin IgM– CLIA
  15. Leismania Antibody – CK 39
  16. Leptospira antibody – IgM/ IgG
  17. Scrub typhus IgM
  18. Brucella abortus
  19. Brucella Melitensis
  20. Mg ++
  21. Urine for Toxicology
  22. H. pylori antibody
  23. Urine for ACR

Upcoming tests

  1. Insulin – CLIA
  2. AFP – Prenatal screening
  3. CA 15.3
  4. ANA profile
  5. C – ANCA
  6. P – ANCA
  7. Cholinesterase
  8. Lithium
  9. PCM level
  10. B- hydroxybutyric acid
  11. Urine Na+, K+, Ca++
  12. Anti-phospholipid
  13. CSF- JE, HSV I & II, CMV
  14. Anti GBm Ab
  15. Anti – aquaporin antibody
  16. JE antibody
  17. Cryptococcal antigen
  18. Oligoclonal band
  19. Protein electrophoresis
  20. Hb Electrophoresis

Future plan