Pulmonary,Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Dr.Nabin kumar mishra

As well as producing Skilled and Expert Medical Human Resources and to provide uptodate state of Art service.

Dr. Navin Kumar Mishra
Fellow,American College of Chest Physician Fellow,Asian Pacific Society of Respirology
MD-Respiratory Medicine
About Pulmonary,Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

We are dedicated to provide standard Care of Service to our Patients.

Introduction: Respiratory complaints are the most common reason for patient visit to  OPD or Emergency service.  FOUR out of Top Ten causes of death is related to Respiratory diseases namely: COPD, Lung Cancer, Tuberculosis and Pneumonia.we have started DM pulmo critical care and sleep medicine training since 2021.

Our Services:
1. Out Patient care
2. In-Patient care
3. Well equiped and skilled ICU care
4. Pulmonary Function Tests: 
             I. Spirometry 
             Ii. DLCO
             III. Plethysmography 
             Iv. 6MWT,shuttle walk test
             V. Polysomnography
 5. Bronchoscopy and Biopsy

6. Diagnostic Thoracentesis 
7. Therapeutic Thoracentesis 
8. Intercostal Chest Tube   Drainage
9. Pleurodesis
10. Intra Jugular line placement

We take care of Various Common and Rare Respiratory Diseases:
2. Bronchial Asthma 
3. Bronchiectasis 
4. Pneumonia , Lung Abscess,Empyema
5. Tuberculosis 
6. Sleep Apnea 
7. Interstitial Lung Diseases 
8. Cough, Difficulty in breathing, Blood in sputum, Chest pain Wheezing,Snoring etc
9. Pleural Effusion, Pneumothorax 
10. Lung Cancer
11. Vasculitis-Churg Struss, Wegner etc