Medical Education Department
Faculty members
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Prof. Dr. Ratindra Nath Shrestha
Head (Principal)
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Prof. Dr. Suman Kumar Shrestha
Member (Hospital Director)
Dr. Pawana Kayastha
Member (Vice Principal, Clinical Sciences)
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Prof. Dr. Sushil Kharel
Member (Vice Principal, Basic Sciences)-(Coordinator, PBL Committee)
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Prof. Dr. Megha Pradhan
Member (Vice Principal, BDS Program)
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Mrs. Sabita Pandey
Member (Director, BSc Nursing Program)
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Dr. Bhagwat Bhattarai
Member (Director, BDS Program)
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Dr. Binita Pradhan
Member (Coordinator, Library Committee)
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Prof. Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi
Member (Coordinator, Collaboration Committee)
Dr. Pawana Kayastha
Member (Coordinator, Training and CPT Committee )
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Dr. Ram Krishna Chandyo
Member (Coordinator, Research Committee)
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Mr. Sunil Ojha
Member (Coordinator, IT and webpage committee)
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Prof. Dr. Abhinav Vaidya
Member Secretary (Coordinator, Publication Committee JKMC)
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Ms. Bindu Phunyal
Administrative support
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Mr. Karun Ghimire
Administrative support
About Medical Education Department

The Medical Education Department (MED) has been existing at KMC since 2003. The first batch of teachers was sent from KMC to the Medical Education Unit of IOM for Teacher Training with the objective of starting a Medical Education Unit at KMC. Teacher Training Cell at KMC was started in June 2001. The training of this core group of faculty was interrupted and the training of this first batch of ten teachers subsequently took place only in February 2003. Since then there have been a number of workshops on Teacher Training at KMC over the years. The Medical Education Department of KMC was further strengthened and activated in the year 2014. The new MED committee was formed in 23 July, 2023.


The functions of the Medical Education Department have been identified as follows:


  1. Provide training opportunities for the faculty members of Kathmandu Medical College (KMC) in different aspects of educational methodology.

  2. Counsel interested faculty members to improve their skills in educational methodology/ pedagogy.

  3. Facilitate various clinical Skill based training at KMC.

  4. Orient every year PG Student on Research Methodology.

  5. Conduct and facilitate research projects in the various related files and on different aspects of medical education and contribute to improvement in practices in the education of health professionals.

  6. Conduct Teacher Training for newly recruited teachers on a regular basis.

  7. Initiate and establish problem-based learning (PBL) in Basic Sciences and gradually extend it to clinical Sciences.

  8. Expand collaboration with various national and international originations for the academic benefit of students and teachers.

  9. Publish journals, newsletters, academic calendars, annual reports, etc of KMC through separate units.

  10. Work continuously on making instructional libraries more scientific and user-friendly.


It is hoped to further expand the activities of the Medical Education Department in the coming years. This is a body that nurtures the growth of education at KMC. The Medical Education Department has seven committees. They each have their own terms of reference and each of these committees function as per their Terms of Reference.


  1. Committee Members


  1. Collaboration Committee:
  1. Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi –Coordinator
  2. Dr. Natalia Oli
  3. Dr. Deepti Shrestha
  4. Ms. Narayani Paudel


  1. Library Committee:

          Prof. Dr. Binita Pradhan (coordinator)


      1. Prof. Dr. Ratindra Nath Shrestha – Chairman
      2. Dr. Natalia Oli  – Member
      3. Dr. Bimal Pandey – Member
      4. Ms. Sabitra Poudel – Member
      5. Mr. Arun Kumar Rai – Member Secretary
      6. Mr. Nirmal Kumar Bista – Invitee



        1. Prof. Dr. Ratindra Nath Shrestha – Chairman
        2. Dr. Sailesh Pradhan – Member
        3. Dr. Arun Dhungana – Member
        4. Dr. Deepti Shrestha – Member
        5. Mr. Ram Prasad Timsina – Member
        6. Mr. Kalyan Gautam – Member
        7. Mr. Ratila Devkota – Member Secretary



  1. Publication Committee:

Journal of Kathmandu Medical College


Prof. Dr. Abhinav Vaidya


Executive Editor:

Dr. Sujaya Gupta


Managing Editor:

Dr. Shreyashi Aryal


Deputy Managing Editor:

Dr. Ashik Rajak


Technical unit:

Dr. Beena Jha

Dr. Binaya Shrestha

Dr. Iju Shrestha

Ms. Narayani Paudel

Dr. Preeti Singh

Mr. Sanjaya Mani Dixit


Scientific unit:

Dr. Deepak Kumar Roy

Dr. Natalia Oli

Ms. Pratibha Khanal

Ms. Sabitra Paudel

Dr. Smriti Mathema


Assistant Editors:

Dr. Aayusha Suwal

Dr. Shirjan Gautam

Dr. Apeksha Bista


Student Editors:

Akanshya Prasai

Apeksha Sapkota

Ashmina Lama

Hridayaraj Sangroula

Rhijuta Pokharel

Simran Bista

Sneha Raut


  1. Research Committee:
  1. Dr. Ram Krishna Chandyo (coordinator)
  2. Dr. Sunil Raja Manandhar - Member
  3. Mr. Eurek Ranjit - Member
  4. Ms. Roshanee Shrestha - Member
  5. Ms. Pratibha Khanal - Member
  6. Dr. Sujaya Gupta - Member


  1. Training and CPD committee:
  1. Coordinator: Dr. Pawana Kayastha


  1. Dr. Iju Shrestha  
  2. Dr. Gita Khakurel
  3. Dr. Rachana Sharma
  4. Dr. Megha Pradhan
  5. Dr. Sujaya Gupta
  6. Dr. Deepak Roy
  7. Ms. Dayana Shakya


  1. IT and webpage committee:

Coordinator –  Mr. Sunil Ojha


Dr. Deepak K. Roy

Ms. Sabitra Poudel

Mr. Sanjay Mani Dixit


  1. PBL Committee:

Dr Sushil Kharel