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ABOUT Dr. Binita Pradhan

After completing post graduation in Emergency medicine from IOM, TU in 2004, she started working as Lecturer in the Emergency Department. She is registered as a specialist in General Practice and Emergency Medicine by Nepal Medical Council from 2004. She had been working as an Assistant Director since 2013 till 2020. Besides looking after the administrative work she used to manage GP OPD and critically ill patient landed in Emergency Department. Now she is working as Head of the Department since 2020.

She is actively involved in the teaching-learning program for MBBS student as a coordinator for Integrated Clinical Medicine (ICM) and for post graduate (MD General Practice) as preceptor, thesis reviewer and Examiner.

She has attended and presented scientific papers in many National and International seminars and has served as chief editor of the GPAN.

She has conducted many training programs including Advanced Life Support in Obstetric (ALSO) as a Trainer & Course Director. She has been trained for Basic Life Support  (BLS), Comprehensive Abortion Care Services, Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC), Emergency Room Trauma Care, SBA (Skilled Birth Attendant) Training & CTS (Clinical Skill Training), Mass Casualty Management Training Program and Simulation Exercise, Neonatal Advanced Life Support (NALS), CPR (Neonatal and children) training etc.

Dr. Binita Pradhan
Professor & HoD
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