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ABOUT Dr. Marina Vaidya Shrestha


Dr Marina Vaidya Shrestha is working as Assistant Professor in Department of Community Medicine. She had graduated (MBBS) form Russia and pursued her Master’s degree (MD) form Kathmandu University. She had started her Career as lecturer in Community Medicine form Nepal Medical College Jorpati. Later she joined Kathmandu Medical College in 2016.Before that she gained her clinical experience in Obs and Gynae in Prasuti Griha and other private clinics.

She had professional affiliation with Nepalese society of Community Medicine and Nepal Medical Association as Life member .She had participated in National and International conferences and presented in International conferences also.

Dr. Marina Vaidya Shrestha
Assistant Professor
NMC Number

She had graduated (MBBS) form

Master’s degree (MD) form

Kathmandu University

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  4. Lifestyle behaviours among general population during lockdown period in context of COVID-19 pandemic.Under data collection.